Don’t miss our 50 cent sale this coming Friday, July 27th it’s going to be a doozy. It                                      will be held in our admin area, so you can pop into the op shed as usual, but also                                        check out the sale in admin.

                              Don’t forget to bring your bags with you as the Community House is now plastic free.



Here at Gawler Community House we are working hard to reduce our environmental footprint, one way we are achieving this is by ceasing the use plastic bags in our Op Shop. As of Monday, July 2nd plastic bags will no longer be available in our shop. We encourage our customers to bring their own reusable bags or to purchase a reusable calico bag from our shop staff at a small cost.


As many of you may already know, we here at the Gawler Community House have been experiencing some challenges with structural issues to our main building. 

As a result, we are unable to use any part of the main building until further inspection and repairs are carried out. This includes reception, administration, meeting room, kitchen, toilets and pergola area. 

We thank you for your concern and support through this upheaval and would like to assure you that we are back up and running – although with a few changes and compromises.

For the time being - and until further notice -  our Op Shop has relocated out into the back shed. You will now be able to shop and pay all in the one building.

We have hired a Porta-loo for your convenience which is situated next to the shed.

Our Reception and Administration areas now occupy the old shop which has been inspected and cleared for use; you can still access the shop this way for now. There is parking available at the rear of the building.

Our Board of Management are currently looking at where we go from here and we will keep you informed as things progress.



Nothing endures but change.

This quote is credited to the Greek Philosopher Heraclitus who lived between 535BC – 475BC.  So, whilst we might be a bit bewildered by the rapid pace of change, imagine how the Greeks felt all the way back then!!

Why mention “Change”?

Well, there are going to be some changes happening within the Gawler Community House (GCH) over the next few months and this newsletter is the first of a series to keep you all advised of these changes.

In the past membership of the Friends of the GCH has been a rather ad hoc process.  Some users of the GCH are members, some are not.  The Management team has looked at this and has arrived at the conclusion that there needs to be changes and benefits to members.

All users of the GCH will be encouraged to join up and enjoy a number of benefits. 

The cost of the monthly luncheons will soon rise to $7.00 for non-members, but Friends of the GCH will still be able to purchase the meal for $5.  Effectively, the cost of being a Friend will be recouped after 3 meals. 

Members will get a Membership card that will entitle them to a permanent 10% discount on every day shopping and will allow them to access special sales, events and other activities. Non-members will not get this privilege. 

Membership also allows attendance and voting rights at the AGM.  Non-members do not get this privilege.

Once the membership cards are issued, the current system of 20% discount and a monthly draw will stop.  All cards that are in existence will be honored up to the proposed date of change/implementation.

This is seen as the fairest way to offer benefits to all users of the GCH, especially those who have been members for years.  It is also important to note that it is not proposed to change the membership fee at this time – it will stay at $5.

It should be mentioned that whilst the GCH is a not for profit organisation (and this means that we do not issued dividends, pay Board members, or pay monies other than to employees,) we still need to make a profit to do the work that we do.

There will be other changes happening as we progress, but these will be made known to you as they occur.


Following on from last month’s article on the books for Lesotho, many enquiries were made with local (Gawler) and broader metropolitan organisations about what we could do to reduce the large number of books that were being sent to landfill.

All the other Op Shops had similar issues and certainly did not want to take on our “rubbish”.  Some organisations were interested but did not want to travel to Gawler or would take them if we could transport them – something that was not practical for GCH

However, a solution was found close to hand.  The recycled centre at Paxton Street, Willaston was ready and willing to take the books for pulping – the only proviso was that any hardback books had to have the hard cover removed.  Something that was easy to arrange.

On Monday 5 June 2017, our first delivery was made.  Over 20 boxes, about half of a skip, was delivered to the recycle centre.  If we are successful with this, (combined with the project above) we will save about $600 per year on our waste collection.  $600 that can be put back into programs for the community.

 James Langmead

GCH Chairperson


The disposing of unwanted material costs the Gawler Community House significant money each year.  A skip for rubbish is $110 and in the busy months we sometimes have 4 skips per month.  So, as you can see, it can be a costly exercise.

In an attempt to reduce these costs, the GCH has formed a partnership of sorts with an organisation called “Books for Lesotho”.  This organisation coordinates the collection of books that are sent to a variety of schools in Africa.  They collect a wide variety of books from basic reading books, educational books and stories and novels aimed at teenagers. 

The wonderful ladies in the shed are now keeping these books (which are required to be in a reasonably good condition) and have a plastic tub that the books are placed in awaiting collection.

The Chair of the GCH met with Mr David Linn, one of the originators of this scheme (the organisation has now become an incorporated body and is run by a Board of Management).  Mr Linn was extremely happy with the quality of the books and the wide variety.  If you have any books that fit the above description, please do not throw them out.  Bring them to us and we will be only too glad to give them to this worthy cause.

Arrangements are still being made as to how we will get the books to the collection site which is at Pasadena.  So, if you are intending to travel to that side of town, we would appreciate your cooperation in delivering any books that we have put aside.

Please call our willing admin team on 8522 4601 who will be able to assist you in a delivery address or rendezvous point.

 James Langmead

GCH Chairperson