Here at Gawler Community house we offer a Friends of Gawler Community house membership. This entitles you to 12 months of amazing benefits. these include a Free reusable calico bag, 10% off every purchase, Access to members only sales, Discounted meals at our Community Lunch on the last Friday of each month and also the rights to vote at our AGM each year. You will also be kept up to date on what is happening throughout the year and notified when our sales will be happening.


The disposing of unwanted material costs the Gawler Community House significant money each year.  A skip for rubbish is $110 and in the busy months we sometimes have 4 skips per month.  So, as you can see, it can be a costly exercise.

In an attempt to reduce these costs, the GCH has formed a partnership of sorts with an organisation called “Books for Lesotho”.  This organisation coordinates the collection of books that are sent to a variety of schools in Africa.  They collect a wide variety of books from basic reading books, educational books and stories and novels aimed at teenagers. 

The wonderful ladies in the shed are now keeping these books (which are required to be in a reasonably good condition) and have a plastic tub that the books are placed in awaiting collection.

The Chair of the GCH met with Mr David Linn, one of the originators of this scheme (the organisation has now become an incorporated body and is run by a Board of Management).  Mr Linn was extremely happy with the quality of the books and the wide variety.  If you have any books that fit the above description, please do not throw them out.  Bring them to us and we will be only too glad to give them to this worthy cause.

Arrangements are still being made as to how we will get the books to the collection site which is at Pasadena.  So, if you are intending to travel to that side of town, we would appreciate your cooperation in delivering any books that we have put aside.

Please call our willing admin team on 8522 4601 who will be able to assist you in a delivery address or rendezvous point.